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Essential #1: Mind

Changing your vantage point will help you begin to see life more clearly and handle stress much differently than before. There are several techniques and strategies to help you eliminate the negative aspects of your thinking and facilitate lasting, positive changes in your life.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs have been programmed in you throughout your life. Limiting beliefs are those that hold you back from achieving what you want in life. Think of them as roadblocks: false ideas that you have about yourself or the world that make progressing harder than it needs to be.

Have you ever wondered why you want to change but find yourself reverting back to your old habits?

Wonder why this happened? Maybe it wasn't laziness or a lack of discipline. Maybe it was a limiting belief, a roadblock. The answer to your problem isn't starting another gimmick, fad diet or self-help program. You need to find out what your limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs:


"I can't afford to eat that way."
"My parents had to take these medications, now so do I."
"I'm too old to _______."
"I'm not a healthy or successful person."
"I'm lazy and I hate to exercise."
"I'm a procrastinator."

You will act in accordance with your belief system whether it is true or not. The key is to find what beliefs you have about yourself that are creating interference between where you are and where you want to be, and then work to eliminate them. Negative beliefs are often in blind spots, meaning you don't even know you have them. Through advanced workshops and questionnaires at our office, you will be able to identify these beliefs and revolutionize your mind. The only thing you should believe is that anything is possible.

Positive Self Talk

How are beliefs formed? They are formed by the way in which you think. This is called self-talk. Self-talk is the internal conversation that you have with yourself all day long. Your subconscious records this conversation without putting up an argument, so if you tell yourself that you are fat all day, your subconscious will believe that you are fat.

So if you are what you say you are, then say it positively! Your beliefs about yourself can be reprogrammed through consistent, positive affirmations. Below are the criteria for writing these affirmations:


1.    Personal
2.    Positive
3.    Indicative of Achievement
4.    Action Words
5.    Specific


    "I thrive on my daily jogging because I feel healthy, strong and energetic."
    "I am accountable for the results of my decisions and actions."
    "I develop feelings of respect and self-esteem in myself and others."

Once you have written your affirmations, it is important to repeat them daily. Over time you will replace old habits and beliefs and become who and what you want to be.

The Big Why

Everybody needs to know why. Why do I want to change? What is my motivation? Looking good isn't a big enough reason, but staying healthy to spend more time with your children is. To find your big why, you must search your heart and mind to come up with the most compelling reason that you can for taking control of your life and your health. When you have your big why, remember to repeat it daily along with your affirmations in order to cement it into your belief system. Remember these Max Mind principles and you will believe that success is just around the corner.