YES, please help me lose the weight for good.

4 Week Fasting Solution Quick Start Program

The 4 Week Fasting Solution Program is best for those need extra guidance, encouragement, support and want weekly coaching in a group format from Dr. Suzanne to help them along through the process. 

The 4 Week Fasting Solution Quick Start program includes:

  • Initial Health and Goals Assessment
  • 1 on 1 initial video or phone consultation with Dr. Suzanne
  • Customized Fasting/Feasting plan based on your goals, lifestyle, past health history, personality type etc.
  • Weekly group online video coaching calls w/ Dr. Suzanne for support, encouragement, questions, breaking through plateaus & modifications to plan
  • Weekly Live Q and A calls
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Suzanne for Q & A through private Fasting Solution Facebook group
  • Access to The Fasting Solution 4 Week Quick Start Course Materials

The goal at the end of the 4 weeks is for you to feel empowered with knowledge, confident in this new lifestyle and well on your way to your health and weight loss goals! Upon Graduating from the 4 Week Quick Start program, you will be enrolled into the Fasting Solution 2.0 - The Mindfulness Upgrade ongoing support program.

Fasting Solution Accelerator Program

This is a one on one coaching program customized to mee the needs of the individual. You will receive everything from the group coaching program plus additional weekly one on one check in calls with Dr. Suzanne as well as access to additional coaching via text/phone whenever needed.

Fasting Solution 2.0 Mindfulness Upgrade ongoing support program 

An ongoing support program for graduates of group and one on one Fasting Solution programs. Continue to refine your feasting/fasting schedule with monthly group check ins with Dr. Suzanne and discover the "why" behind your weight so you can finally lose the weight FOR GOOD! Topics you will explore include:

  • Self Love and Self Care
  • Body Acceptance
  • Building an Intentional Day
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Chronic Stress
  • Emotional Eating
  • and much more!

Schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. Suzanne to determine which Fasting Solution program is right for you!