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The Norwood Difference

What is the Norwood Difference?

At Norwood Chiropractic, our goal is to provide you with the best possible care.  Our doctors will always take the time to get to know you, your health concerns, and ultimately guide you through your healing journey.  When we meet with you, we will set you up with your own step-by-step health plan which may include adjustments, in-office rehab, and home exercises.

When you come to our clinic our goal is to help you with your goals.  Whether that may be to stay healthy, get out of pain, and optimize function.  If you are currently experiencing any symptoms of concern, our goal is to locate the root cause of what may be causing them.  For these reasons, this is where we may be different from other clinics.

  1. Really Getting to know you:  Our Doctors at Norwood will get to know you, your past history and your specific condition.  We get to know all of your previous and current health details, which may be anything that you think, could be related to your condition.  All of this information will allow us to give you the best possible care.
  1. We do not give Chiropractic Care on the 1st day:  As stated above we really get to know you as a patient.  On your first day our goal is to build your roadmap to recovery which will require us to perform a detailed physical examination, computerized nerve scans, and x-rays if needed. This is a critical first step because it allows us to fully understand where your body is now and what needs to be done to it in the future.  After the scans are done, we will analyze them on your behalf and spend time explaining them to you.  Once you fully understand the issues your body is going through we will make the detailed plan to get you to full health.
  2. Spinal Rehabilitation Exercises:  Along with receiving adjustments, your doctor may prescribe you certain spinal rehabilitation exercises to perform in order to reach the best possible outcome.  Every exercise given is used with the intention of improving your posture and the health of your spine.