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Success Stories

Walter C, September 7/17

"Front desk staff are amazing and Dr Richard L is a great doc! Highly recommended... all I can say is better sleep and pain free!"

April S, August 29/17

"They are amazing. From the most wonderful reception to the best possible care. I wpuld never go anywhere else."

Cherisse K, July 26/17

"The staff are very sweet hearted genuine and make you smile each time you see them. They are so accommodating, fresh and polite. Not to mention you feel better after each treatment!!!!! So if you're in pain I recommend trying this route to healing n tranquility!!!!!"

Sarah G, July 12/17

"Wonderful wonderful staff, extremely helpful and convenient. Dr. Richard is fantastic! Definitely recommended!"

JJ M, May 30/17

"Dr Richard Ledda is not only good at his job but a great person to talk to. Not only that the staff always greets by name when you come in and couldn't be any more accommodating."

She-Ra S, February 6/17

"Been going here for just over a year now and absolutely love it. If you're late, have to reschedule, or just forgot about your apt, the staff always understandand do their best to work with YOUR schedule. Dr. Vish Goyal is very kind and easy going as well. Definitely recommend Norwood Chiropractic Centre!"

Christine P, February 1/17

"I've been coming here for almost 2 years now. Excellent service and very accommodating staff. Dr. Vishal is very knowledgeable and would always make you feel safe. Learned about this place at the Wonderful Wedding Show and came in for my back pain. Noticed a huge improvement since. I also came in while I was pregnant and would be bringing my baby on my next visit for his first adjustment. :)

I would highly recommend Norwood Chiropractic Centre!"

Chris P, February 1/17

"I first came across Norwood during the Wonderful Wedding show and had low back pain that would affect sitting for periods of time. I've been going for over a year now and my back has never felt better. Great staff, always accommodating and very friendly and professional. Thank you Norwood and staff! "

Catrina E, January 14/17

"Great staff and pleasant environment, feels like your a family their. Great adjustments and best Experience so far."

Lisette A, November 24/16

"I've only been going for a few weeks now and already noticing less headaches! Dr. Goyal is quick and efficient and is always pleasant and friendly. The staff are amazing there and always very accommodating. I recommend their services to anyone needing chiropractic care."

Shelia P, October 27/16

"Before Chiropractic care i suffered from chronic migraines. Immediately after my assessment and my first session with Dr. Richard, i felt almost a eupohoric high come over me. My husband said i couldn't stop smiling and that i looked so happy. I couldn't explain my feelings at the time, but somehow i felt hopeful. But i was still worried that like all other treatments , it would fail me in the end. However, after coming to Norwood and beinf adjusted by Dr. Richard on a scheduled basis, i find that i am walking taller( which makes a huge difference when you're 5'2"), my posture has improved ( which has helped me tremendously with my chronic upper and lower back pain), but more importantly, my chronic migraines are GONE!!!!! I have not had an unbearable migraine since i began coming here AND i no longer take any prescription medications for my headaches. It is such a surreal feeling to not wake up to excruciating pain or not battle one throughout the day when you are just trying to make a living. I am finally functioning and living better because of my amazing Chiropractor. Thanks Dr. Richard."

Wayne K, October 1/16

"Having always lived a very active and athletic lifestyle, I recently ran into problems with constant hip pain causing me to slouch and discontinue my athletic activities. After visiting Norwood I was diagnosed with spinal issues needing attention, which were causing my hip pain. The first while i did not have much progress but confidence and  positive attitude kept me coming for adjustments. Three months later i have nearly eliminated the hip pain, returned to my previous athletic activities and surprisingly really notice that i am standing straighter."

Marcella R, September 21/16 

"Before Chiropractic care I suffered from constant upper back and neck pain. I also dealt with severe migraines and headaches almost daily. I had trouble sleeping because of the pain and it effected my work as a hairstylist. My current health experience is that I am feeling better than I ever have in my life! I rarely get headaches anymore and the pain I dealt with is almost never there anymore. I can sleep a full night without tossing and turning and can work in the right state of mind without constant pain! YAY! Doctor Richard saved me.

Valerie G, August 22/16

"Before Chiropractic care I could not sleep, all I felt was pain in my legs, arms and lower back. My family doctor said it was a pulled muscle in my neck and there was nothing that could be done. My current health experience is that I can now walk farther, better and I enjoy life. I also do not take pain pills anymore. I can sleep at night without pain. I also don't cry myself to sleep anymore."

Achol M, April 12/16

"Before chiropractic care I was having bad migraines daily for 15 years. Now I feel alot better than before. I have been here for a month and a half. I am really happy with Dr. Vishal for taking care of me. God bless you all."