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Dr. Suzanne

Suzanne Buffie

I was born and raised on the Jersey shore and I have always had a passion for nutrition and exercise for as long as I can remember. I attended Rutgers University to study nutrition and exercise physiology at and I joined the crew team my first day on campus. We trained hard and I ended up injuring my low back, resulting in crippling low back pain. I did what most people would do when faced with this….I tried over the counter pain killers. They did not do much to help me and it was at that point that I gave chiropractic a try. My first chiropractor helped me so much, that 6 months later I was heading to Life University in Marietta, Georgia to become a doctor of chiropractic.

It is at Life University where I met my Canadian husband, Dr. Jared Buffie. We loved the south so we started a practice and began a family in a suburb of Atlanta suburb. After 2 children, we then made the move to Winnipeg because we realized how important it is to be around family. Today we are the  parents of 3 amazing and healthy children who are 15, 13 and 9 years old. I am now a hockey mom, a proud Canadian and a lover of Winnipeg.

I feel blessed to have found chiropractic because it has led my own family down a very different and healthy path. I am honored that every day I get to help other families do the same by shifting their health paradigm. That shift comes from living a lifestyle that creates an environment in which your body is designed to thrive and be healthy. My passion for nutrition has led to my own personal health transformation when I discovered the ancient practice of intermittent fasting (combined with a ketogenic diet). Through these nutrition practices, I have effortlessly loss over 60 pounds, experience abundant energy and feel that each day I am getting younger, rather than older. I have developed The Fasting Solution program to teach my patients and online community how to do the same.

When I am not taking care of patients or watching my children play sports, I enjoy spending time outdoors, camping and fishing with my family, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and taking the occasional dance class (I am a horrible dancer, but I really enjoy it!)